ODM Istanbul is a company operating in Turkey, specializing in the Sales | Training | Service of Fiber Laser machines under the ODMTECH brand.

ODMTECH goes beyond high standards and adopts a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, working with its customers and all stakeholders based on this fundamental principle.

ODMTECH prioritizes a long-lasting structure that provides uninterrupted service by collaborating with globally recognized manufacturers in the components of Fiber Laser Marking Machines.

ODMTECH Fiber Laser Marking Machines offer solutions to various industries, processing materials such as steel, aluminum, gold, silver, brass, as well as LED, plastic, silicone, wood, rubber, leather, acrylic, and similar materials.

In line with the principle of sustainability, ODMTECH embraces a minimalist approach in design and provides all additional requirements as optional features in its machines.

ODMTECH Fiber Laser Marking Machines are eco-friendly, requiring no maintenance or consumables and offering a working lifespan of 100,000 hours.

With a focus on customer support, ODMTECH strives to be there for its customers at all times, providing 24/7 after-sales training and service support. It is managed with a modern business approach, aiming for efficient solutions.