Advantages of Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Advantages of Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Advantages of Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machines

What are the general features of portable fiber laser marking machines?

Portable fiber laser marking machines, due to their ergonomic design, are much lighter compared to traditional marking machines. Their compact structure allows them to be easily transported to the desired location and used even in challenging working conditions.

These portable fiber laser marking machines can operate on a standard 220 Volt electrical line, and they also offer the option to work independently from the power line with a battery. Battery-powered portable fiber laser marking machines, thanks to advanced battery technology, provide up to approximately 5.5 hours of operation on a single charge.

With the built-in 7" touch screen, you can create marking content quickly and easily without the need for an external computer. You can transfer pre-prepared work files to the portable fiber laser marking machine using a flash drive. This significantly enhances mobility and time-saving, especially for businesses that produce large-sized products and use outdoor storage methods.

Using portable mobile fiber laser marking machines, you can perform surface marking of variable texts such as serial numbers, serial dates and times, QR codes, and barcodes on surfaces like metal, plastic, aluminum, rubber, pipes, storage tanks, and building systems. Additionally, you can achieve successful results by converting all types of logos, photos, and image files into PLT vector files.

In which sectors and fields are portable fiber laser marking machines most commonly used?

 Among the places where portable fiber laser marking machines are most needed are:

  • Iron and steel
  • Mold making
  • Defense industry
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Plastics
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Businesses engaged in outdoor storage
  • And similar industries.

In these sectors, the products produced are often heavy and have large dimensions. Alternatively, quick traceability applications without moving the marked surfaces are desired. Another use case is for industries that require manual labor, where portable marking machines are used for tracking auxiliary equipment through serial numbers and barcodes.


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