Usage of Fiber Laser Marking Machines According to Industries

Usage of Fiber Laser Marking Machines According to Industries

Usage of Fiber Laser Marking Machines According to Industries

As industrial development and increasing consumer demands drive higher production in factories, challenges have emerged such as the need for product traceability, extended marking durations, and difficulties in keeping up with long and demanding working hours that can extend up to 24 hours. With the advancements in laser technology, fiber laser marking machines have successfully tackled such issues.

Applications of Fiber Lasers in Factories

Today, the use of fiber laser marking machines is widespread in factories tailored to the needs of the manufacturing process. These machines offer solutions such as integration into production lines, ease of use, low per-part marking times, minimal maintenance and consumables requirements, waste-free operation, and a service life of up to 100,000 hours. They are used on materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized coating, plastic, leather, and more, for effective and swift operations such as marking, laser engraving, paint removal, leather processing, QR codes, barcodes, text marking, serial numbering, and more.

Especially with Turkish language support and user-friendly software interfaces, the machine operators can reduce per-part processing times and minimize error rates. As a result, fiber laser marking machines significantly contribute to the manufacturing processes of factories.

Industries Where Fiber Laser Marking Machines are Used

 Fiber laser marking machines find applications in numerous industries, especially in factories engaged in semi-finished and finished product production.

Automotive Industry, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Aircraft Industry, Defense Industry, Electrical and Electronics Industry, Medical Supplies, Jewelry and Goldsmithing, Housewares Manufacturing, Solar Energy Panels and Systems, All Manufacturing Industries

In these sectors, components that constitute the products are marked with variables such as serial numbers, production dates, QR codes, or barcodes to ensure traceability.

When integrated into the production lines of factories, fiber laser marking machines offer rapid and effective solutions according to business needs. However, the correct selection of these machines is crucial and depends on various factors such as the desired operation and the material to be worked on.

At ODMTech, we assist businesses in choosing the ideal fiber laser marking machines by considering factors such as:

Desired operation Materials to be processed Quantity of parts to be processed Processing times

We tailor the selection of fiber laser marking machines to the specific production processes of factories based on these and other criteria.

To learn more about our fiber laser marking machines and determine the needs of your business, feel free to contact us.

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