Advantages of Using Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Advantages of Using Fiber Laser Marking Machine

What are the Differences and Usage Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machines are one of the modern innovations in the manufacturing industry. Fiber laser marking system prevents high costs as a result of providing more efficiency compared to other marking methods. It is preferred because of the need for regular maintenance and consumables. Advantages of fiber laser marking machine use are not limited to these. The range of materials that can be applied is also greater than the machines of other marking methods. Its working life is also longer than other machines.

Fiber laser marking systems, which are the most preferred marking methods, perform high quality and error-free marking on a wide variety of materials. It is a marking application solution that should be chosen for serial number and barcode marking on materials. Fiber laser marking machines provide fast results and sharp detailed marks on all kinds of surfaces such as metal and plastic in such processes.

In the machines selected for fiber laser marking, in order to meet the work done in the best way, extra perfect results, fast marking, continuous maintenance-free working life and fault-free operation on metal and plastic surfaces are required. Among the fiber laser marking machines, you can choose the appropriate one from our S, C and Workstation series that will present these features to the user in the best way.

How to Use a Fiber Laser Machine?

Laser machines have a simple working logic. Before marking, necessary parameters must be entered in the program used for marking. With the parameters entered, values such as the time to pass over the surface, how many times it will pass, the area to be marked and the marking of the text or drawings are determined. After the parameters are entered with a computer, the fiber laser machine can be passed to the marking part.

During the marking process, the fiber laser machine has a system that works very fast and can be automated. For permanent marking on surfaces, positioning must be done correctly. You only need to press a button for the focused laser beam to interact with the material surface. Fiber laser machine can do this process sequentially and accurately. When using the marking machine, safety precautions should be taken with the help of the instructions provided with the machine. Thanks to the training services we provide for the use of fiber laser marking machines, you can use the machines effectively, safely and more efficiently.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Machine Use

While marking, the appropriate laser marking method should be chosen. It should be applied with a laser marking machine in line with the surface of the material to be marked. If the surface to be marked is a metal or plastic surface, a fiber laser marking machine should be used. Fiber laser machine is preferred for permanent markings on all kinds of metal surfaces, plastic, copper, ceramic, wood, glass or carbon surfaces. This selection has many advantages for users and business owners. The flexible and easy user interface of the fiber laser machine provides benefits to the users.

Fiber lasers are stable and have no scattering tendency. In this way, it leaves accurate and high quality marks. Fiber laser machines have low cost with low energy use. Fiber laser machines that can mark at high speed are long-lasting and stable machines.

Among the advantages of the fiber laser machine use are that they are safe and environmentally friendly. It minimizes risks thanks to autonomous setup and operations. Fiber lasers that do not use chemicals and their derivatives will be an environmentally friendly choice. Fiber marking machines, which provide low cost as a result of low energy consumption, allow many processes to be performed with a single laser installation. One of the advantages of the fiber laser machine use is that they are easily integrated into the work area.

The preference and use of fiber laser marking method by many sectors cause the growth of fiber laser machine sales and production.

Fiber laser machine produces excellent results on material surfaces such as metal, composite, copper, titanium, ceramic, leather, wood, gold, nylon, silver, iron, plastic. It is preferred by many industries due to the high number of materials that can be used. The industries where fiber laser is mostly used in electronics, medical equipment, jewelry, advertising-promotion, mold making, glassware, defense and aerospace, automotive and aerospace industries. Fiber laser machine use is common in these industries.

The use of fiber laser machine can be used in all areas containing plastic and metal. This could be a company selling key fobs or any marking to be made for advertising purposes. For example:

  • In the automotive industry, information signs inside the car are made by a fiber laser machine.
  • Lot number, serial number and QR codes on surgical materials used in the medical equipment industry were provided by fiber laser.
  • In the electronics industry, guiding drawings and writings are marked on the materials in the same way.
  • Security warnings on the products produced in the defense sector are marked with fiber laser marking.

The use of fiber laser machines is quite wide. Due to its safety, lack of alternative, stable structure, variety of applicable materials, long life and low cost, its usage area in industrial sense is very high. It is obvious that the areas of use will increase day by day.

What are the Types of Fiber Laser Marking

Fiber laser machines are a type of marking whose methods vary according to their usage areas. Marking types vary according to the surface to be used and the marking to be made. These types of marking are related to parameters such as the length of the marking, the type of the material, and the sector to be used. It is recommended to make the right choice for fiber laser marking types. There are 4 types of fiber laser marking methods.

  • Annealing
  • Scraping
  • Coloring
  • Foaming

If the material to be marked in the fiber laser marking process is a carbon-containing metal, the annealing method will be the right choice. It takes a little slower and longer than normal marking processes. It is applied to perform an oxidizing process on the material and causes the marked area to change color. It allows us to obtain a wide range of colors during oxidation. The colors obtained may vary depending on the material. It is more common in the automotive and defense industries.


It is a marking method that is widely preferred by individuals and institutions who want to have fiber laser marking. Markings such as barcode, serial number, text on metals are a method that you can increase the effect area. The engraving method, which is mostly used for gold and silver jewelry marking, is also widely used in the mold industry.


The coloring method is a common marking method in the field of plastic marking. It changes the structure of pigmented molecules in the plastic by making a sensitive and stable marking on the plastic. This type of marking reveals contrasting colors on the surface.


Foaming is the most suitable type of marking among the fiber laser marking types to be selected for marking plastic and polymer surfaces. By melting the applied material at the desired rate, it is ensured that the text or drawings that form bubbles formed during melting are formed. The bubbles formed in the direction of the material surface as a result of the marking formed in this way create different color tones.

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