How Does a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Work?

How Does a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Work?

What is Laser and Fiber Laser Marking?

First of all, let's start with knowing the meaning of the word Laser. The word laser comes from English and stands for "Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation", derived from its initials. In our own language, it is referred to as "light amplification by beam propagation".

With Fiber Laser marking, it is aimed to leave a permanent mark on any material. And for this, a concentrated laser beam is used. In order to carry out these processes, the Fiber Laser marking machine works as an extremely fast and automated system.

It perfectly performs cutting, marking, engraving and deep engraving processes on all kinds of plastic and metal surfaces and has a maintenance-free and long-lasting operating system. Of course, it works not only on plastic and metal surfaces, but also on materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramic, glass, and wood. That's why Fiber Laser marking machine works with the utmost focus on any material.

Thanks to the laser beam used in Fiber Laser marking, any superficial defects on a material are corrected by these beams. Thanks to this feature, it has become a machine that is needed in the field of technology as it provides a permanence in the materials.

Which Products Can the Laser Marking Machine Mark?

If we told you that you can mark most products you can think of with a laser marking machine, what would your reaction be?

If you want to mark, you first need to decide which products you want to brand. The marking process is all about laser. Since the laser itself has a beam wave, lasers with different beams are needed in order to mark products produced with different materials. This means: Different structures can be marked with a laser marking machine, but this is possible with different laser beams and, in general, it has given more successful results in plastic products. In addition, it can mark products made of glass, wood and leather. As leather, you can brand both artificial and real leather. You can make various prints with the laser marking machine. Writings, pictures, etc. on the leather. you can, and they become permanent. If it is necessary to give an example, it is possible to make logo, emblem and slogan style prints. The laser marking machine can mark all products formed with plastic, wood, rubber, leather, metal, textile, gold, silver and other materials. As can be understood from here, it is not possible to mark products with a single laser beam. In order for each product to be branded, laser beams with different parameters are required.

Apart from that you can mark;

  • Steel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rice
  • Micro-processed products as well.

Here it is useful to underline that; Since these laser machines do not need any special maintenance, they can be preferred and used very easily.

When marking products with a laser marking machine, you do not need to worry about causing environmental pollution. Laser marking is a completely environmentally friendly machine and does not use any chemicals and does not generate waste.

What are the Main Equipments in Laser Marking Machine?

As we mentioned before, there are lasers with different structures. However, the same main equipment is available for each laser in the Fiber Laser marking machine.

Main equipments are as follows:

  • Control Unit (Controller)
  • Laser source
  • Galvo Head Scanner (micro mirror)
  • Software
  • Computer with software
  • Lens

Why Is Fiber Laser More Efficient?

When deciding on a laser machine, there are three important points that play an important role in which machine will be used and preferred.

  • Laser Technology
  • Laser power
  • Working size

As the fiber laser machine can best meet these three features, we think it is more efficient for manufacturers.

Many laser machines are available and all work on a variety of materials. However, in order for these materials to produce and mark an efficient product, they must have a very good laser structure. For this reason, Fiber laser machine is the most preferred choice of people.

Because he works in the direction of leaving a permanent mark at the depth you want and manages to mark the products in the most appropriate way.

At the same time, today fiber sources are highly preferred in unpainted and uncoated metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, chrome and copper.

Another important feature is the working size. What matters to you here is the size of the pattern, material and space you want to work with. To give an example for this; For a 60x60 size pattern, a 40x30 working area will be too small for you and you will not be able to perform the work you want. Therefore, as well as the size of the pattern, the working area should be suitable. In order to be able to work in the entire area, the laser machine must be of at least this size. The machines that are most suitable for these environments and where you can achieve your goals in the best way are definitely those with fiber laser.

If we consider only these three important points, you will also notice the efficiency it will provide. If you want to further enrich the efficiency of your laser machine, there are add-ons you can make.

You can place a camera right next to the laser head in the fiber laser machine. Thanks to this camera, you can easily detect the pattern on the material and perform the necessary process faster. This method is also very preferred and very beneficial in terms of efficiency.

You can mark and deep engrave the cylindrical materials with the help of a divider.

If you want to laser metal-weighted products, it is the Fiber laser machine that will definitely give you the best efficiency. In fact, as a result of the experiments, it has been seen that efficient results are obtained even in plastic products. That is why the answer to the question "why is it more efficient" is understood most clearly.

We always recommend that you pay attention to these important points when choosing a laser machine. As it will make your choices easier, it will also enable you to get more efficient results from your work.

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