In Which Sectors Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine Preferred?

In Which Sectors Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine Preferred?

What is Fiber Laser Marking and In Which Sectors Is It Used?

Fiber laser marking is a variety of uses in the industry of the laser. Laser marking is the process of leaving the desired mark with a laser on any product to be applied. Fiber Laser Marking Machines perform this process with a computer-controlled laser beam without the aid of any tools or ink. Fiber Laser Marking Machines do not require consumables and signs such as numbers, texts, barcodes, logos and more are produced with the help of computers. Therefore, the application areas are extremely flexible. In this context, maintenance-free ODMTECH Fiber Laser Marking Machines are designed and manufactured to offer a long working life of up to 100,000 hours.

What is the Working Principle of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

The working logic of the fiber laser marking machine is as follows: The light produced by the laser completes the marking process by acting on the desired product. Laser marking machines differ among themselves according to the type of use. These are: Fiber lasers, CO2 lasers and UV lasers. The laser marking process is commonly used to complete barcode labels, date codes, QR codes, serial numbers, part numbers, branding and logo insertion, image placement, and so on. In addition, laser marking is useful in creating a high degree of counterfeiting identification and smart cards. Apart from marking with a fiber laser marking machine, deep engraving and cutting can be provided in the form of engraving.

What Are The Sectors Where Fiber Laser Marking Machine Is Used?

The prominent sectors in which fiber laser marking machine is used are defense, medical devices and medical, jewelry and jewelery, automotive, aviation, space and manufacturing, electronics, gift and promotion sectors.

If It Is Required To Examine How Fiber Laser Marking Machine Is Used By Sectors:

Medical Devices and Medical:

Considering today's technological progress in the health sector, the field of use related to the production of medical devices comes first among the sectors where Fiber laser marking machine is used. A medical device production center where laser marking technology is not used is considered to be far behind today's technology. The use of laser marking and cutting provides high efficiency in the production and cutting of complicated devices consisting of very small parts. In the Medical Industry, it is used to create easily traceable identification marks on medical equipment.

Jewelry and Gems:

One of the leading sectors in which fiber laser marking machine is used is the jewelry sector. Fiber laser machine is widely used for design product purposes in the Jewelry and Gems Industry. In order to be able to make precise and complex marking and cuts and to reach high production capacity in a short time, jewelry is one of the sectors where fiber laser marking machine is used.

Automotive, Aerospace and Manufacturing:

Automotive, aviation, aerospace and manufacturing sectors are another sectors where fiber laser marking machine is used. Laser cutting has gained great importance because these sectors are advancing technologically every minute. Laser machines are indispensable for these industries as the marking, cutting and shaping of small and complex components also play an important role in terms of safety.


When it comes to the sectors where the fiber laser marking machine is used, one of the most benefited sectors is the electronics sector. Considering the intensity of electronic devices entering our living spaces, it is understood how important laser marking / marking is for this sector.

Souvenir and Promotion sector:

Another sector where fiber laser marking machine is used is the gift and promotion sector. Fiber laser machines are widely used in making personalized products, marking gift pens, notebooks and all kinds of stationery products, gift frames, gift mugs, gift thermos and so on or corporate collective gifts or promotions.

Although laser cutting is in a new development stage even in its field, the fact that sectors in which the fiber laser marking machine is used have spread to such a wide area is an indication of how much this technique will come to the fore in the coming years.

Labels written on the products when you enter a market, QR codes, expiration and consumption dates, engravings and markings you see on the logos while walking on the street, cutting and marking the products you see when you enter the jewelery or gems store, the codes written on the apparatuses that appear when you open the hood of your car, seals, to a dentist or when you go to a hospital, the brands written on the devices used by doctors, products such as garbage cans, benches that the municipality arranges for us on the way home, the ones written on our natural gas, water, electricity meters and many things in our daily life that we can think of are done with laser marking machine.

As you can understand as a result of the above, Fiber Laser Marking Machine has a wide range of uses. The labels, markings or deep engravings we see on every object we use in our daily life are produced by laser machines. A machine with such a large usage width will gain more value in the coming years and will be needed more than it is now.

Fiber laser marking systems, which are the most preferred marking methods, perform high quality and error-free marking on a wide variety of materials. It is a marking application solution that should be chosen for serial number and barcode marking on materials. Fiber laser marking machines provide fast results and sharp detailed marks on all kinds of surfaces such as metal and plastic in such processes.

In the machines selected for fiber laser marking, in order to meet the work done in the best way; extra perfect results, fast marking, continuous maintenance-free working life and fault-free operation on metal and plastic surfaces are required. Among the fiber laser marking machines, you can choose the Fiber Laser Marking Machine, which is suitable from our company ODMTECH's S, C and Workstation series, which will offer these features to the user in the best way.

If we summarize our subject heading,

Which Materials Can Be Marked With a Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

  • Eco and painted surfaces
  • Polycarbonate
  • Composites
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Cast iron
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Silicone
  • Precious Metals (gold, silver)
  • Skin
  • Rock
  • Brick
  • Nylon
  • Thin films
  • Aluminum etc.

In Which Industries Is Fiber Laser Marking, Deep Engraving, Engraving and Cutting Process Used?

  • Automotive industry
  • Space
  • Ship Building
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Defense industry
  • All Manufacturing Industry
  • Electric - Electronic Industry
  • Medical Supplies
  • Jewelery and Jewelery
  • Glassware Manufacturing
  • Solar Energy Panels and Systems
  • We can list examples such as Semiconductor Materials.

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