What is Fiber Laser Marking?

What is Fiber Laser Marking?

What is Fiber Laser Marking?

Fiber laser marking is a type of usage area of laser in industry. At this point, it will be useful to give some information and definitions about Fiber laser marking. Laser marking is the process of leaving the desired mark with a laser on any product to be applied. Fiber Laser Marking Machines perform this process with a computer-controlled laser beam without the aid of any tools or ink. Fiber Laser Marking Machines do not require consumables and signs such as numbers, texts, barcodes, logos and more are produced with the help of computers. Therefore, the application areas are extremely flexible. In this context, maintenance-free ODMTECH Fiber Laser Marking Machines are designed and manufactured to offer a long working life of up to 100,000 hours.

How is the Working Process of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

The working logic of the fiber laser marking machine is as follows: The light produced by the laser completes the marking process by acting on the desired product. Laser marking machines differ among themselves according to the type of use. These are: Fiber lasers, CO2 lasers and UV lasers. The laser marking process is commonly used to complete barcode labels, date codes, QR codes, serial numbers, part numbers, branding and logo insertion, image placement, and so on. In addition, laser marking is useful in creating a high degree of counterfeiting identification and smart cards. Apart from marking with the fiber laser marking machine, deep engraving and cutting can be provided in the form of engraving.

Fiber lasers are renowned for their versatility and laser marking being one of their most popular applications. This process is used to mark, deep engrave and cut steel, aluminum, gold, silver, brass and other metals, LED, plastic, silicone, wood, rubber, leather, plexi, glass and similar materials.

In this article, we will give information about fiber laser marking machines.

Although the fiber laser marking machine is a product of the advancing technology in the last decade, it is developing day by day. Fiber laser marking machines are advantageous compared to traditional writing and labeling methods as they do not require preparation time and consumables.

The answers to the question of what is a fiber laser marking machine may seem complex and incomprehensible at first. Explaining the answer to the question of what is a fiber laser marking machine with examples will lead to more understanding.

When we fix the heat at the focal point of the substance we want to ignite, we witness that this substance ignites after a certain period of time. Fiber laser machines work on this exact scheme.

The answer to the question of what is a fiber laser marking machine can be given in this way with the simplest example. The laser beam passes through a complex lens and completes its task. If we need to give an example of these lenses, we can use the f-objective lens example. If we need to explain the answer to the question of what is a Fiber Laser Marking Machine with another method, the f objective lens has the feature of protecting the focal point in a single plane row instead of concentrating it on a single area. It realizes the laser light under computer control. The laser focuses on the material defined by the f-objective lens. Images and text, machine-detectable codes or various markings can be made.

While sunlight consists of multiple colors and wavelengths, there is only one color in laser light. In other words, it all consists of the same color and same wavelength. Wavelength is related to the diversity of the laser. As the materials diversify, they vacuum different wavelengths of light. If the materials mounted on the bottom of the laser vacuum the wavelength of this laser, then the best replication will occur.

The type of laser we want to use on behalf of the fiber laser marking machine will vary according to the type of this material. If we want to work with wood, we must use a carbon laser suitable for this product. The laser type should be selected according to the type of material to be marked, which we want to explain briefly. It is not possible to mark all materials with a kind of laser.

What is the Marking Area?

Before purchasing a fiber laser marking machine, it is a matter that you should learn. Briefly, if we define fiber laser marking, it refers to the boundaries of the area that the laser can write with the existing lens without change. The fiber laser marking area varies with the lens mounted on the laser. The most popular fiber laser marking area among the sectors is the marking areas of 110x100mm, 150x150mm. If you want to work on areas of different sizes, you can easily do this thanks to the lenses that can be easily removed and installed.

There are three different settings that are important for fiber laser marking.

Speed in Fiber Laser Marking:

It is related to how fast the laser beam travels on the material during fiber laser marking. The marking machine uses galvometer mirrors to make this process happen. Engineers who deal with the adjustment of these mirrors adjust the speed of how many characters per second. According to the power of the fiber laser machine, the highest level of this speed varies.

Power in Fiber Laser Marking:

Expecting a function beyond the capacity of a laser machine you own will result in inefficient results. Not every machine can exceed the limits of the power it is designed for. The more power the laser has, the more and faster it will be able to do work. 30 Watt laser can only work at 30 Watt power and work at this capacity. The variety of the work you will do and the materials you will use will be effective in choosing the power of the machine you need.

Frequency Range in Fiber Laser Marking:

It means the change of the number of laser strokes and the amount of energy generated by these strokes. Choices can be made in the low frequency or high frequency range. If low frequency ranges are preferred, products made of plastic can be melted, while it provides the opportunity to mark superficially in high frequency ranges.

One of the most important issues to be considered here is to ensure that laser pulses do not overlap with each other. Interference occurs when the frequency range increases while the galvo speed decreases while fiber laser marking. In this case, knowing the relations between speed, power and frequency will directly affect the quality of the results obtained when making fiber laser marking.

In addition to all these factors, different effects are likely to be seen in different studies. What you will mark, what material you will mark on and how you want to do these operations will result in different frequency settings.

In general, we tried to answer the questions of new users and those who want to do business with these latest technology machines. The officials you can reach at www.odmistanbul.com will provide you with the most detailed information about which mobile stations you can have with the best cost in fiber laser marking. If you are having difficulty in deciding which type of machine to choose, the consultants you can reach from the site we have linked can answer your questions.

Features of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • As mentioned above, marking, engraving and cutting of different material types.
  • Having high speed
  • Making the marking process in a contactless way without using force.
  • Producing sharp images of high quality
  • Having a 300x300 mm wide marking surface
  • Dynamic marking ability
  • Complete the marking process precisely during marking.
  • Finding a strong and long-lasting fiber source of fiber laser marking machines
  • It is an ideal marking type for those who want to produce high volume.
  • Average power of 20W-50W
  • Easy installation thanks to its plug-and-play feature is among the advantageous features of fiber laser marking machines and affects the increase in use.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Laser Marking Machine?

Laser machines are divided into different types according to their functions. Whichever sector you work in, you need to choose a machine suitable for that sector. Everyone has different expectations while choosing a laser marking machine. While observing the Fiber Laser Marking Machine, the expectations of some people, other marking machines can see the expectations of some. When choosing a laser marking machine, you must determine your expectation and collect the necessary information in it. You should continue your research by researching spare parts as well as machine specifications. A machine without a spare part can start a troublesome process for you. A meticulous research is very important, as the absence of parts that break down after you give some money to the machine you buy will cause the cost of the new machine. In this context, ODMTECH Fiber Laser Marking Machines also provide spare parts support.

Machines that do not have suitable equipment for your production area will cause inefficient results as they will reduce the quality of your work. Therefore, doing hardware and parts research will enable you to reach the most suitable machine for you.

We will make several laser marking machine comparisons for you:

  • Electricity requirement in machines with lamp pump (CO2) is three-phase. KW consumption is on average 6 KW. Laser activation is krypton. Its active life rate is 500-1,000 hours. Restorer maintenance cost is on average 150-600 $. The disadvantage of this machine is that it consumes considerable energy. I will write about these features of three more machines so you can get an idea outside of this machine.
  • Electricity requirement in machines with Diode Pump (Nd: YAG) is Three Phase / Monophase. KW consumption is on average 2 KW. Laser activation is diode. Its active life rate is 5,000-10,000 hours. Restorer maintenance cost is approximately $ 10,000-15,000. Lamp consumes less energy than machines with pump.
  • Electricity requirement in machines with Diode Pump (Nd: YVO4) is Monophase. KW consumption is an average of 0.7 KW. Laser activation is diode. Its active life rate is 15.000-20.000 hours. Restorer maintenance cost is around $ 8,000-10,000.
  • Fiber Laser Marking machines need electricity in Monophase. KW consumption is on average 0.2 KW. Laser activation is diode. Its active life rate is 30,000-100,000 hours. The average maintenance cost of the resistor is 2,000-4,000 $.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine provides advantages over other marking methods with features such as mark durability, lack of consumables, repeatability and reduction in process times. Laser marking is extremely popular in the manufacturing industry and can be broadly integrated into downstream processes in the production line. The wide-range frequency pulse combines its output with high peak power to deliver highly accurate, efficient and durable marking.

The features of four machines are specified above. Fiber Laser Marking Machine is developing rapidly and it is getting more useful day by day.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Prices

The price of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine varies according to the type, brand, production status and fiber W value of the machine. Generally speaking, it costs between 3.000 USD and 50.000 USD. The quality and function of the purchased machine changes the price. Although this price is not certain, there are machines with different prices in the light of the so-called issues.

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